India’s progress as a nation involves finding sustainable solutions to challenges such as ever-growing demand for energy, higher industrial productivity, modern urban infrastructure and high-quality healthcare.
Siemens, as an integrated technology provider, has a wide range of future-oriented solutions to meet these challenges and be a partner in India’s growth.
Leveraging the 160-year-long heritage of technology leadership, Siemens offers a solution portfolio consisting of industry-specific applications to optimize an the performance of enterprises across the entire value chain, sustainable solutions for energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption, value-added services and consulting.

Siemens in India is a leading powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering with a business volume aggregating about Rs. 12,000 crore. Siemens Ltd., in which Siemens AG (Germany) holds 75% of the capital, is the flagship listed company of the Siemens group in India. It is the only Siemens company in the world other than parent Siemens AG and Siemens Inc. in America that is listed on the stock exchanges (NSE: SIEMENS; BSE: SIEMENS).

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