Conzerv – SE

Conzerv is now Schneider Electric in India.

Conzerv has been a recognized leader in providing Energy Efficiency Solutions in the Indian Market. It has been in the business of Consulting, Training and Products for Energy Efficiency catering to industrial and commercial users of power. The Company pioneered the design and manufacture of digital energy meters in India and established itself as the market leader with proven solutions for energy audits & measure. Conzerv joined Schneider Electric in 2009 and its products and services now form part of Schneider Electric’s unique and comprehensive offer portfolio in the field of Energy Efficiency encompassing measurement, power quality correction, automation, and monitoring. Together, they address the full lifecycle of any Customers’ energy efficiency needs.

Energy Audit:

Energy Audit services probe all the energy streams in the system, quantify energy usage and identify losses

Power Quality Audit:

Power Quality Audit identifies harmonics in the energy network and the measures needed to enhance quality of power


Training on Energy Efficiency modules are aimed at creating awareness about the need to save energy and the means to achieve energy efficiency.

Power Monitoring devices:        

  > DM1000 Series: Single Phase V, A, F meter

  > DM3000 Series: Three Phase Volt & Ammeter

  > ELF3200: Digital Energy, Power & V,A,F meters 96X48mm

> DigitAN EM6400 Series: Power monitoring device for HV & LV networks

> DigitAN EM6438: Dual Source Energy Meter for DG & EB monitoring

> EM3460: Smart Demand Controller



Lighting Energy Saver:   

    > CooLite 3-120KVA: Lighting Energy Saver upto 120KVA

> CooLite 150-400KVA: Lighting Energy Saver above 120KV